Sunday, September 16, 2007

Murray Invitational 2007, (VARSITY GIRLS)

Murray Invitational 2007, (VARSITY GIRLS)

Varsity Girls:
1. 18:49 Candace Eddy
3. 19:10 Natalie Haws
8. 19:37 Katie Swanson
29. 20:32 Loren Storey
30. 20:36 Hollie King
34. 20:39 Emily Hansen
50. 21:02 Kelsey Valentine

*Team Place: 1st

Here Coach Talley is rounding up the girls for one of the most inspirational things he could say to them at a time like this.

"Good Luck!"

Running with heroes!

It's dust, not ghosts in these pictures.

Loren making sure her eyes are not closed! Or maybe she's just happy to see me!

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