Saturday, September 15, 2007

Murray Invitational 2007, (JV Girls)

Murray Invitational 2007, (JV Girls)

JV Girls:
1. 21:09 Meghan Hedquist
2. 21:24 Lizzy Wallin
4. 21:40 Julianne Wirthlin
5. 21:43 Ashley Ballard-Sume
9. 22:11 Talya Kussee
11. 22:14 Brittany Blankenship
18. 22:24 Morgan Durtschi
21. 22:34 Megan Waddoups
24. 22:46 Ally Adams
37. 23:36 Missy Lott
43. 23:51 Brittany Sumsion

*Team Place: 1st

"Okay Julianne, if you look next to that cut out of Brad and Ethan, you can see Corbin running in the background. See it?"

"Now should we just take the trophy now, or do we really have to wait?"

"Well, they said we have to race. It's a formality I guess!"

"Formality?" Thinks Megan. "What kind of hoops are they going to keep us jumping through?"

Hey Seth!

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