Monday, June 30, 2008

Update - June 26

Darts -
Great job at the workout this morning. We are coming along. A lot of you are working hard and putting in some great miles and it is showing in the runs that we do as a TEAM. Some of you have got to be a little more disciplined when we don't meet together, but overall I think we are doing a good job. It is really important at this point to put in some of the extra work that will help you out in the long run: things like abs, weights, sleep, diet, hydration. Also, just try to stay positive and patient :) I like the improvement I see so far, and I think it is going to continue. I really like the energy you are showing at practice.

1. Send me your miles - I am missing some from week 2 and 3 (we are in week 4 right now). The boys are currently beating the girls by just under 100 miles
2. Cross Country Camp - I will be handing out the information fliers at the Vita Course on Monday. You will need to fill out the flier and have your A or B form done if you want to go to camp on August 4-8. If you are wondering if you qualify to go to camp, email me with any questions.
3. Wasatch Back Relay - in case you hadn't heard, the boys and girls who ran the Wasatch Back Relay last weekend did a spectacular job. I really enjoyed watching both TEAMS work so hard together. I was impressed with the positive attitudes and with their efforts and fitness. The girls were the fastest overall all-female team and the boys finished 8th out of all the teams. I will be posting a full report of the relay on later this week.
4. July 4th Kaysville 5k and 10k - If you would like to run (and I do encourage you to do so, but it isn't mandatory). You can register on - it cost $15 today, but late registration is $30 starting tomorrow (so get on that).
5. Upcoming Workouts:
Monday (30th) - Vita Course 7:00 am
Wednesday (2nd) - Layton Park 7:00 am
Monday (7th) - Vita Course 7:00 am
Thursday (10th) - Davis 7:00 am
6. Dart Challenge 5k will be on August 16th at 8:00 am. It is a TEAM fundraiser. Encourage family and friends to come and run. Registration can be done on or with a registration form from me (I will start handing those out soon). Our goal is to have 150 runners this year (last year we had 97).

Keep working hard and looking forward to the season.
If we run as a TEAM, Anything is possible!

Coach Talley

Davis High 2008 Cross Country Schedule

Aug 16 Dart Challenge Barnes Park, Kaysville 8:00 am

Aug 30 Grass Relays American Fork High 8:00 am

Sept 3 Pre-Region One Layton Commons Park 3:00 pm

Sept 6 BYU Autumn Classic Cascade Golf Course 9:00 am

Sept 10 Davis Clipper Invitational Layton Commons Park 3:00 pm

Sept 12 Murray Invitational Murray City Park 3:00 pm

Sept 20 Bob Firman Invitational Boise, ID TBA

Sept 24 Open Region Meet Weber High 3:45 pm

Oct 1 Open Region Meet Clearfield 3:45 pm

Oct 4 Orem Invitational UVSC 9:00 am

Oct 8 Open Region Meet Fremont 3:45 pm

Oct 15 Region One Championships Layton Commons Park 3:00 pm

Oct 22 State Championships Sugarhouse Park TBA

Nov 22 Nike Team Southwest Regionals Tempe, AZ TBA

Dec 6 Nike Team Nationals Portland, OR TBA

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cross Country Update 2

Davis Runners - Another awesome morning at the vita course today. Other than the 3 falls, I thought things went well, and we were above 50 in attendance for the 3rd week in a row. Things are looking good. The key to our success as a TEAM is going to be to continue this enthusiasm and commitment level. I usually find that end of June through mid July is the challenging time for many of you. It is getting hotter and many of you have family vacations and other obligations. I understand if you have to miss the practices and some days of running - it is not a reason to quit. Don't get discouraged if you have to miss days, just don't let LAZINESS be your excuse to not run (or not make your bed).
There are some of you who are getting the emails who I still haven't seen at a practice. Don't be shy. It is not too late to start coming. I think if you give it a try for a few weeks you will find you like it.
Keep emailing me and Coach Richardson your weekly mileage. I have most of your miles from week 1, but I am missing quite a few from week 2 (but my email is working, so you don't need to send a 2nd email like I said this morning). It is pretty cool, after week 1 the boys were only 4 reported miles behind the girls (629 to 625). This could end up being a pretty exciting contest by the end of the summer. Don't cheat, but make sure you are reporting your miles. Janae's miles are counting for the girls, and the miles that Brad and I run count for the boys.
Speaking of Brad, nice job to those of you who attended the Gerald Anderson Memorial 5k last Saturday. Hopefully we will show more support in years to come, but it was a great race for those who were able to make it to Morgan. All 6 boys who came finished in the top 10.
Congrats to Morgan Haws (former Davis runner and Natalie's older sister) for finishing 7th at the NCAA Championships in the 10,000m and earning All-American status. Her time of 34:05 is under 5:30 pace for 6.25 miles
Important Upcoming Information:
*TEAM Workouts:
Tuesday 17th (tomorrow) at 7:00 am at the school (I will hand out the next set of workouts) - if you are late, we are running to Nichols Park
Thursday 19th at 7:00 am at LAYTON PARK (we meet just to the west of Layton High) Monday 23rd at 7:00 am at Vita Course
Thursday 26th at 7:00 am at the school
*Wasatch Back Relay - we finally took care of volunteers, don't worry about finding them any more (thanks for your help though). Those running will meet at the school at 12:30 on Friday, and come home exhausted around 3:00 or 4:00 on Saturday. I will get more information later this week for those running.
*High Altitude Camp - Aug 4-8. I will be handing out a paper to those interested which explains what to do if you would like to come to the camp. We will be able to bring about 35 athletes (maybe a few more), so those who have been committed will be the first to be invited.
*Dart Challenge 5k - August 16th - 8:00 am. Try to keep this date open. It is one of our 2 cross country fundraisers for the year (the other is the runathon-funathon in November).
*Please include your parents email address in your next email if they are interested in receiving the cross country updates throughout the rest of the summer and the season in the fall.
Keep up the good work. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, keep bringing your friends, you have all done a great job recruiting this summer.
Thanks & Happy Running-
Coach Talley

Do your AB workouts!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cross Country Update - June 10

Davis Cross Country -
I can't tell you how excited I am about the start of this summer training. Even though we have a long way to go from here, I have never seen so many runners who want to get better and want to have fun. The TEAM is looking good, and I think
each of you are bringing the right attitude to practice. The hard part will be keeping this energy going the next 2 months - both when we meet together and especially when you are running on your own.

A few things I need to update you on:
1) Great Southwest: Natalie and Candace competed at the Great Southwest track meet in Albuquerque, NM last Saturday. Natalie finished second in the 2000m steeplechase in 7:04 - a new school record, and would have been a meet record - then she came back and won the 3200m in 11:02. It was a great ending to an outstanding career at Davis. Candace ran the first leg on the winning 4 x 800 - she ran a great time of 2:18 in a very strong wind. She came back in the 1500, but took a hard fall near the end of the 1st lap; she got up 5 or 6 seconds behind last place, and still came back to finish 9th. It was a valiant effort after a difficult season. We also brought some sprinters and throwers: Bryce Hall finished 3rd in the hammer and 5 th in the shot put; Tony Hill just missed his pr in the shot put finishing 10th; Ryan Avery set a pr in the 100 (10.92) and was on the super fast 3rd place 4 x 100 team; and Shaun Webb had a season best in the 300 hurdles to finish 9th.

2) Wasatch Back (PLEASE READ): The 13 boys and 13 girls who will be running the Wasatch Back relay will be meeting at Davis at 12:30 on Friday, June 20th. If any of you or your parents are interested in getting involved, we still need to fill some volunteer spots ASAP. The volunteer stations will be in Huntsville and the volunteers are required to spend 5 hours at the stations directing runners. If you can volunteer, you will be at the station when both of our teams pass through (and Janae's team as well). I think they also give you a free t-shirt. In order to volunteer you need to be able to get yourself to the exchange station. If ANY of you or your PARENTS are willing to help us fill this requirement, please give me a call ASAP and I will walk you through the online sign up process (580-8713). Once again, this is for anyone that is not actually running on the team and it would be greatly appreciated. This year's TEAMs are boys: Spencer Anderson, Bryce Larsen, Ryan Thomas, Carston Feigelson, Seth Gutzwiller, Caleb Ward, Leland Stenquist, Curtis Carlisle, Jason Thomas, Michael King, Logan Petty, and Brad Nye. Girls: Natalie Haws, Loren Storey, Kelsey Valentine, Ally Adams, Candace Eddy, Hollie King, Carlee Petersen, Talya Kussee, Katie Swanson, Julianne Wirthlin, Emily Hansen, Jessica Wilding, and Meghan Hedquist.

3) Gerald Anderson Memorial 5k (Brad's Race) - is this Saturday (the 14th) at 8:00 am in Morgan. Some of you have already registered, the rest of you can still register if you are interested. The cost will be $20 at this point. I have fliers I can give you at Thursday's workout, or you can register at the race on Saturday. We will probably meet at Davis at 6:30 Saturday morning to carpool to the race (we will need some people to drive). If you have any questions, you can email me or Brad ( I am sure it will be a party.

4) Upcoming Workouts:
Thursday (12th) - 7:00 am - Meet at Davis High
Monday (16th) - 7:00 am - Meet at the Vita Course
Tuesday (17th) - 7:00 am - Meet at Davis High - I will hand out the next set of workouts.
Thursday (19th) - 7:00 am - Meet at Layton Park

Thanks for putting in the hard work you have been. Let's keep it going. Don't forget to email me your mileage at the end of the week. So far, we are off to a great start - the boys have so far reported 40 miles more than they did this week last year, and the girls are just barely below what they reported last year (some of you need to still send in last weeks miles - Lizzy, Katie, Gallacher, Leland, Brad, Talya, etc.

See you all on Thursday -
Coach Talley

"That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer 2008

Welcome to Davis Cross Country. Our goals this summer:
*To build a base for the cross country season. New runners are going to build up to 25-30 miles per week by August, and Experienced runners are going to work up to 40-50 miles per week. We will improve by being consistent.
*To have fun running - that's right this is fun. We are always going to be positive and enthusiastic about running together (and alone).
*To work together as a TEAM. We are looking forward to another great season this fall.

TEAM Workouts -
Thursday, June 5 - 7:00 am Davis
Monday, June 9 - 7:00 am at the Vita Course
Thursday, June 12 - 7:00 am at Davis
Monday, June 16 - 7:00 am at the Vita Course
Tuesday, June 17 - 7:00 am at Davis (I will hand out the next set of workouts).

On the days we don't meet together, run on your own or in groups following the workout sheet I handed out. If you can't find it, run between 3-8 miles a day (depending on experience).

* Email your weekly mileage to me ( and to Coach Richardson (
* Cross Country Camp will be August 4-8 for those who have been consistently running all summer up to that point. (The cost will be about $80).

Go Darts!

Cross Country Day 1

Darts -
I had to send out an email today because I was pumped about this morning's run at the vita course. Not only did we have a HUGE group show up (probably the biggest ever), but everyone came with a great attitude. I counted 44 Davis runners plus 6 grads. It was good to see so many young runners there today, and many young runners who showed a lot of skill and potential - willing to work hard and challenge themselves. It was also nice to see some grads (I know that sounds weird to those of you who graduated) - I hope you will keep coming this summer.
This morning made me excited for the season. I love Davis Cross Country!
Those of you who missed - don't stress it. Just come on Thursday - 7:00 am at Davis High.
Those of you out of town, do your best to get some running or working out in, and enjoy your vacations.
Remember that this is the first 'official' week of the summer training program. Plan on emailing me your updates at the end of the week. Last year we ended with a total of 6114 total boys miles and 7439 total girls miles (13,553 total miles and our TEAM goal was 10,000). Let's see if we can beat it on both sides and get to 15,000 total TEAM miles. That would be incredible, but it will take all of you working together.
thanks again for a great morning. Let's keep it going. Bring the energy on Thursday - see you there.
Coach Talley

ps. Anna McKay - let Joe know that I am going to call him and tell him he should be running cross country 2:10 is a great time as a freshman.
pps. Great job this morning to Matt, Chris, Wes, Brad, Bradley, Jorgen, Keigunn, Curtis, Kye, Trevor, Julia, Hannah(s), Roxy, Madie, Brooke, Karaline, Boston, Sarah, Megan, Becca, and any other new runners I might have missed in that list. Excellent new group!!