Friday, September 7, 2007

Davis Clipper Invitational 2007, (Pre-race.)

Davis Clipper Invitational 2007, Pre-Race jitters!

Davis High Girls team talks about how neat school was that day, and if they saw Jason Dillyhammer's pants. "They were so cool. I bet he got them at Dillard's or something." Stated an enthusiastic Holly King. Coach Talley keeps an watchful eye on his team, while he is also running at the same time. (Look at is as a riddle of sorts.)

Davis Boys Cross Country team talking about Jason Dillyhammer's pants. "They were so funny looking. I bet the girls were thinking he was a duffuss." laughed Jordan Stuart. Gutz is quietly giggling to his self.

Michael King showing what he did when he saw Jason Dillyhammer's pants.

Now the game faces are put on.

Coach Talley and Coach Richardson talking about race plans for the runners.

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