Monday, September 24, 2007

Bob Firman 2007- The Spaghetti Factory!

We are still trying to figure out if Ashlyn attacked the Spaghetti, or if the spaghetti attacked her.

Ken, deep in thought about the family of cows this hamburger in his spaghetti sauce came from. Should he enjoy the flavor knowing that there is a Mama cow somewhere getting milked and thinking about her baby cow that Ken is eating.

"You gonna eat the rest of that?"

"Eek, not a camera!"

Benny giving his approval for the 2 noodles he ate. But the drink got a 2 thumbs up!

(Above) In this clip, Brad "Got no fleas on me" Anderson is chatting it up with a bunch of friends who apparently, are across the room from the Davis team.

(Below) Happy Birthday Coach Talley. You only turn 30 ...twice I guess!

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