Sunday, September 16, 2007

Murray Invitational 2007, (Post Race)

Murray Invitational 2007, (Post Race)

(Notice Caleb Ward thinking about what he should do with the finger he found lying on the trail.)

He thought this was a useful purpose for such a fabulous find.

"And when Adden Hunchelmatters asked me to Homecoming, I just had to tell him to 'talk to the hand.' I mean, I'm no Player Hater, but he aint getting the time." Katie was over heard saying. "You go girl! You should send that trained knife-fighting Monkey Corbin fought off in that 100 miler after him" Replied Julianne.

Yep, It may be junk to someone, but to Caleb it's a new friend.
A few of the Davis Ladies showing off ANOTHER piece of hardware. "We know we look as good as the trophy!"Sassy!

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