Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cross Country Update - August 3rd

Darts -
An extremely short update this week. It is the week of high altitude camp. For those of you who are going, be ready for some tough workouts. For those of you not going, set a goal to have a solid week of training. Hopefully next year we will be able to take as many as want to go (but you will still have to earn it). In case you don't have the workout paper, here is what I would like to see this week:
Monday - 6 mile trail run
Tuesday - 8 x 400 (or 90 seconds) on an uphill slope - jog or walk down for recovery
Wednesday - 3-5 mile run
Thursday - 3 mile tempo run (faster than your normal training pace) plus 4 x 600m (or 2 minutes) on the grass
Friday - 3-5 mile run
Saturday - 6 mile run

The next workouts as a team will be:
Monday, 8/11 - 7am - Vita Course
Tuesday, 8/12 - 7 am - @ Davis High
Thursday, 8/14 - 7am - Barnes Park (on the east side of the park)
Saturday, 8/16 - Dart Challenge - race starts at 8:00am. You are all expected to run the race unless you are going to be out of town. Let me know if you can't make it to the race. It is a team fundraiser and also a team time trial. Treat it like our first race of the season.

Baer Gutsman - Nice job to Kye Kunz, Brooke Stromberg, Sarah Goldman, and Drew Rees who completed the challenging Crazy Bob Baer Gutsman 11 mile mountain Race last Saturday.

Keep Running -
Coach Talley

ps. Send me your miles :)

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