Saturday, August 9, 2008

XC Update - High Altitude Camp/Dart Challenge

Darts -
I am writing you from the hospital. A lot of you know that Stefanie, my wife, had our 2nd baby yesterday morning. They are both doing great. Stef has handled it well, and is already ready to run a 5k (okay, maybe not quite, but she has been really strong through it all). We have decided to name the baby Samantha Colleen Talley. She was born at 7:30am yesterday (08/08/08). She was 6 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long at birth. Her hair is a light brown color right now, but when the sun is coming in through the window, you can see some red in there :) So far she has been a good eater and has been very content most of the time. She is cute like her mom. We are really blessed. Thanks for all the words of encouragement and for all the support you have shown.
High Altitude Camp was a huge success. Although I wasn't able to be there the entire time, I was extremely pleased with the teamwork and the positive feel that the camp had to it. I think we are in for an exciting season for both the boys and the girls. I will write about some of the highlights of the camp (including mile repeats, Red Castle, the 1-5 game, and some of the awards I wasn't able to present) and I will post some pictures on the blog later on ( Thanks to all of you who made the camp possible. Special thanks to Steve Petty for all the work he put into it and for the use of his ginormous trailer, his movie projector, his water tanks, his water filters, his cooking gear, his dutch ovens, and many other things, as well as his supervision most of the time. Thanks to Brad for the entertainment and for the story of his childhood and for helping me shop and for the nicknames. Thanks to Janae for coming up Monday to Wednesday even though she is pregnant and was sick with the flu on Sunday and had to come home just to leave for girls camp Thursday through Saturday. Janae has done an incredible job coaching and sacrificing for all of us. Thanks to Coach Buhrley for the work he put into the camp and for creating it and keeping it going in the first place. We still miss him a lot and it is nice to spend time with him again. Thanks to the Syracuse team for joining us and adding to the fun. Thanks to all the parents who took the time to drive to and from camp (I will still get you some gas money - missed giving it to you on the way up because of car trouble and on the way back because I wasn't around, but I will send that home with your kids). Thanks to the Wards for donating all of the ice and the fruit. Thanks to our graduates who joined us and helped out (Spencer, Natalie, Erica, and Ryan) they will always be part of our TEAM, and it was fun to spend some more time with them. And thanks to each of the Davis athletes for running hard during the week, for growing closer as a TEAM, for cleaning up after yourselves (some of the time), for helping with the cooking, and for your personalities, commitment, and teamwork. Because of everyone's efforts, this was one of the best camps I've been a part of.

We have some important things coming up:
This weeks workouts -
Monday - Vita Course @ 7:00am - I will not be there, but Janae will be.
Tuesday - Meet at Davis High @ 7:00am for some intervals on the grass at Nichols Park. I should be there.
Thursday - Meet at Barnes Park @ 7:00am on the East Side of the park.
Saturday - Dart Challenge 5k @ Barnes Park. The race is at 8:00am, but be there by 7:15. We will do a TEAM warmup. I will hand out the registration forms on Tuesday and Thursday. You can give them to me with $15 on Thursday or Saturday morning at the race. We will need a few parents to help with the food and with race registration and timing if any of your parents want to help, let me know. Also, let me know if you are not going to be at the race - I would like to see EVERYONE there. You can also register online at or in person at Strider's in Layton.

First Meet of the Year - Grass Relays at American Fork - Saturday, August 30. The entire season schedule is posted on the blog. I will email it out again soon.

Thanks again for everything - keep running hard. We are now getting to the more intense part of our summer training. I expect everyone to put a little more effort into pushing themselves and into doing the little things that are going to make us better. Email me your mileage (some of you are missing a couple of week's worth). If you are unsure about what to count any of the camp workouts for, I will figure those out for you. The boys were about 100 miles behind the girls with the last updates.

See you soon
Coach Talley

ps. I messed up last weeks email. It was Sarah Oldham (not Goldman) who ran in the Baer Gutsman Race (not sure what I was thinking there). And I forgot to mention Keigunn Kunz who ran awesome as well.

pps. If you want to see some pictures of Samantha - they will be posted later today on

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