Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cross Country Update - July 26

Another week of the summer is gone. I am sure you are all excited to get back to school :)

I know that I am always talking about doing little things to take care of yourselves. Everyone needs to make an effort to do these things the rest of the summer and into the season. This is what I mean:
SLEEP - Try to get 7-8 hours per night. I know this is hard, especially in the summer, but it can be done. Don't stay up all night texting or playing video games. Also, if you can, a nap in the afternoon will help you recover from a hard run.
EATING - You have to fuel the engine. You need to get the proper amounts of the proper foods in your diet. Fruits, Vegetables, whole grains, pasta, fish, chicken, and red meat. For snacks try things like apples, peanut butter, raisins, and nuts. Pizza or fast food are fine as long as it is not every day.
HYDRATING - 8 to 10 glasses of water a day plus sports drinks and juices.
SHOES - make sure that you are not running in a pair of shoes too long. I know that new shoes can be expensive, but it is a huge part of preventing injury. I think about 400 miles or 3-4 months is good use out of a pair of shoes.
GOALS - set some goals for yourself. Try setting some goals for the last 5 weeks of the summer. For some of you that might be to run 5 or 6 days a week. It might be to run 25 or more miles each of the last 5 weeks. For some of the experienced runners it might be to hit around 40 miles each of the last 5 weeks. Also be thinking about your goals for the season. Our TEAM goal is to win another region and state championship for both the boys and the girls. Try writing your goals down and putting them in a place you can see them.

Let's finish the summer off strong and be ready for a fun and successful season.

Deseret News 10k -
Nice Job to the boys and the girls teams in their Deseret News 10k performance on the 24th. We had 5 girls and 6 boys in the race. On the girls side, the team took 3rd behind the Utah All-Stars and the U.S. All-Stars. We were led by Natalie Haws who finished 2nd in the high school division and 20th overall for females with a time of 37:37. Loren Storey finished 10th in the high school division with 41:49. Meghan Hedquist was 11th with 41:53. Emily Hansen was 13th with 42:09. And Hollie King finished with a time of 43:06. A great showing for our girls.
On the boys side, the team finished 5th behind the U.S. All-Star team, 2 Utah All-Star teams, and the team from Alta. Seth Gutzwiller finished 10th with a time of 42:44. Carston Feigleson was 16th in 35:31. Derek Gallacher was 20th in 37:02. Kye Kunz ran 41:09, Spencer Anderson ran 41:42, and Brad Frye finished in 45:29.
Former Dart Morgan Haws finished in 9th place among females in a time of 35:04. Nice Job to all who ran.

Upcoming Practices:
Monday 28th - 7:00 am at the Vita Course
Tuesday 29th - 7:00 am at Davis
Thursday 31st - 7:00 am at Layton Park

The Dart Challenge 5k (our TEAM race and fundraiser) will be on August 16th at 8:00am - more details later.

If any of you would like to read the long report of the Wasatch Back Relay (and see some photos soon to be posted), you can go to It is mostly a report of the girls race, with a little bit about the boys as well.

Coach Talley

Believe in Yourself
"It is necessary to dig deep within oneself to discover that hidden grain of steel . . . called will."
-Ryan Shay

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