Monday, July 14, 2008

Cross Country Update - July 14

Darts -
We are now 1/2 way through the summer training schedule. 6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go. I am pleased with the training for the first 6 weeks. I think that many of you have developed a really solid base to start from. Our workouts will gradually get more and more intense. At this point, the girls have moved into the lead on overall miles reported for the summer. The girls are at 3689 (200 more than this point last year), and the boys are at 3483 (750 more than this point last year). We have had a great TEAM summer. There were 60 people at the trails again this morning, and it gets me pretty excited, but I know we have 6 more important weeks in front of us before the season really begins. Keep reporting your miles, and keep running on the days we don't meet as a TEAM. I still think we are going to have some great surprises as the summer and season go on. I see some great potential in our new runners, and with a little hard work, we could be stronger than last year on both sides. Most of all, keep having fun and bringing good attitudes to practice.

Here is what we have coming up:
Tuesday, July 15 - Meet at the school @ 7am. We are running to Nichols Park and playing steal the flag then getting the last set of workouts.
Thursday, July 17 - Meet at Layton Park @ 7am
Monday, July 21 - Meet at the trails @ 7am
Thursday, July 24 - No practice - our top runners will be running the Deseret News 10k.
Monday, July 28 - Meet at the trails @ 7am

August 4-8 - High Altitude Camp. I still need the first $40 and the parent waivers from most of you who are going. I will also need 'A' or 'B' forms before you can go.
August 16 - Dart Challenge 5k. If you are in town, I expect you to run. We will be breaking up the TEAM into 4 TEAMs for a TEAM competition.

Congrats to Katie Swanson - Farmington 10k winner, and Brooke Stromberg - 4th place at Farmington 10k. Also congrats to Chelsea, Rachel, and Carlee for kicking trash in a triathalon last Saturday.

Happy Running,
Coach Talley

"Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great"
-or as I like to think of it-
"Don't be afraid of giving up sleeping in for going out on a nice summer morning run"

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