Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cross Country Update July 19

Darts -
A very short update today. I hope your training is going well on the days that we don't meet as a team. Make sure you are doing the little things that are going to help a lot in the long run - especially abs and taking good care of yourself (diet, sleep, hydration). Keep having fun and working hard! If you are going on vacation, just do the best that you can to get a workout in, and try to have a little fun (we'll miss you at practice though).
1. Send me your mileage - some of you are still missing previous weeks.
2. Upcoming TEAM Workouts:
Monday (21st) - trails, 7am
Thursday (24th) - no organized practice. Some of you will be running the Deseret News 10k (I had a dream this morning that Leland won the Deseret News Marathon).
Monday (28th) - trails, 7am
Tuesday (29th) - Davis, 7am
Thursday (31st) - Layton Park, 7am
3. Camp - August 4-8 - Will be $90 instead of $80 (because of gas). If you have not given me the parent waiver and first $40, try to bring that on Monday. The rest of the money and the physicals are due by July 31st.
4. Dart Challenge 5k - August 16th 8:00am at Barnes Park - I will be handing out registration forms pretty soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Coach Talley


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