Monday, June 30, 2008

Update - June 26

Darts -
Great job at the workout this morning. We are coming along. A lot of you are working hard and putting in some great miles and it is showing in the runs that we do as a TEAM. Some of you have got to be a little more disciplined when we don't meet together, but overall I think we are doing a good job. It is really important at this point to put in some of the extra work that will help you out in the long run: things like abs, weights, sleep, diet, hydration. Also, just try to stay positive and patient :) I like the improvement I see so far, and I think it is going to continue. I really like the energy you are showing at practice.

1. Send me your miles - I am missing some from week 2 and 3 (we are in week 4 right now). The boys are currently beating the girls by just under 100 miles
2. Cross Country Camp - I will be handing out the information fliers at the Vita Course on Monday. You will need to fill out the flier and have your A or B form done if you want to go to camp on August 4-8. If you are wondering if you qualify to go to camp, email me with any questions.
3. Wasatch Back Relay - in case you hadn't heard, the boys and girls who ran the Wasatch Back Relay last weekend did a spectacular job. I really enjoyed watching both TEAMS work so hard together. I was impressed with the positive attitudes and with their efforts and fitness. The girls were the fastest overall all-female team and the boys finished 8th out of all the teams. I will be posting a full report of the relay on later this week.
4. July 4th Kaysville 5k and 10k - If you would like to run (and I do encourage you to do so, but it isn't mandatory). You can register on - it cost $15 today, but late registration is $30 starting tomorrow (so get on that).
5. Upcoming Workouts:
Monday (30th) - Vita Course 7:00 am
Wednesday (2nd) - Layton Park 7:00 am
Monday (7th) - Vita Course 7:00 am
Thursday (10th) - Davis 7:00 am
6. Dart Challenge 5k will be on August 16th at 8:00 am. It is a TEAM fundraiser. Encourage family and friends to come and run. Registration can be done on or with a registration form from me (I will start handing those out soon). Our goal is to have 150 runners this year (last year we had 97).

Keep working hard and looking forward to the season.
If we run as a TEAM, Anything is possible!

Coach Talley

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