Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cross Country Day 1

Darts -
I had to send out an email today because I was pumped about this morning's run at the vita course. Not only did we have a HUGE group show up (probably the biggest ever), but everyone came with a great attitude. I counted 44 Davis runners plus 6 grads. It was good to see so many young runners there today, and many young runners who showed a lot of skill and potential - willing to work hard and challenge themselves. It was also nice to see some grads (I know that sounds weird to those of you who graduated) - I hope you will keep coming this summer.
This morning made me excited for the season. I love Davis Cross Country!
Those of you who missed - don't stress it. Just come on Thursday - 7:00 am at Davis High.
Those of you out of town, do your best to get some running or working out in, and enjoy your vacations.
Remember that this is the first 'official' week of the summer training program. Plan on emailing me your updates at the end of the week. Last year we ended with a total of 6114 total boys miles and 7439 total girls miles (13,553 total miles and our TEAM goal was 10,000). Let's see if we can beat it on both sides and get to 15,000 total TEAM miles. That would be incredible, but it will take all of you working together.
thanks again for a great morning. Let's keep it going. Bring the energy on Thursday - see you there.
Coach Talley

ps. Anna McKay - let Joe know that I am going to call him and tell him he should be running cross country 2:10 is a great time as a freshman.
pps. Great job this morning to Matt, Chris, Wes, Brad, Bradley, Jorgen, Keigunn, Curtis, Kye, Trevor, Julia, Hannah(s), Roxy, Madie, Brooke, Karaline, Boston, Sarah, Megan, Becca, and any other new runners I might have missed in that list. Excellent new group!!

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