Monday, November 19, 2007

NTN- The Drive Down.


"Hi, my name is Jan Corbin Talley, and I will be your guide on this trip through the bowels of Utah! (And Arizona! And California! And Nevada!)

Only seconds after getting their picture taken as they headed towards the bus they were turned around by the stern bus driver because they were messy. "These kids nowadays are just too darn messy. When I was a youngster Ma and Pa would have whooped me real good if I left a mess like these kids." commented an angry Bus Driver.

" A mess like this is not Seth-erific! I mean what's Gutztacular about waiting to sit down?"

Waiting for the bus.

Glen Canyon Dam. "What's your dam IQ?"

"Hey Loren, you don't think we're in Alabama do you? I saw a car with an Alabama license plate."


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