Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NTN 2007 - Race Day!



Knowing that they days success was in their hands, local legends and heroes Steve Petty and Brad Anderson showed the young whipper snappers how to get things done.
After the race Brad commented "I (Gasp) Really (Gasp) Tried (Gasp, Gasp, Gasp) to (Gasp, Belch, Gasp) Not (Gasp) Die (Gasp, drool, groan, gasp) Out there. (He then collapses)! Steve Petty looking spry as ever said: "It aint no thing! I'm going for a few more miles....really fast."

After getting back on his feet, Brad's son Spencer who came to support his Dad by yelling things like "You can win the race", stood by his Dad for a picture. He was a big help in not letting Brad fall down.


Bertha said...

Well, I just think you did a Sethrific job on this particular blog post Brad! Way to go!

Talley Family said...

Brad, the kids don't comment on it, but they really love the picture posts. They check it out on my computer all the time after school.
We (heart) you!