Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NTN- Portland- DYE STAT Pix

Pictures from DYESTAT.

Running the course.

(Below) Writing Brad a letter saying that if he was there, they would have taken 8th.
They are smiling to keep from crying. "It was tough without him." stated Emily Hansen of Davis Running club. "We really had to keep it together without him." Another runner, Candace Eddy stated: "Without Brad...well, have you ever seen an ocean without a shore? Aint pretty is it?"
But it was Meghan Hedquist's comments that got us all misty eyed: "Without Brad" said the shy Meghan. "Even the food we eat doesn't taste as good. I mean, I was eating a 'Whopper', but it only tasted like a hamburger from the dollar menu. We really miss him"
Corbin and Janae helped out as much as they could, but come on...it's Brad you know! Inspiration, humor, mesmerising looks, witty lines, stories galore, loves Adidas, snorts when he laughs, chews with his mouth closed, only stinks a little after he runs, triple ties his shoes, doesn't cry every time he bleeds, always finds a way to open any door, loves Corbin, loves Janae, competes with Buhrley, anyone on the team can beat him, loves to have people "Pull his finger", tries to not swear around kids, is always there for a hug, loves Ralph Lauren but is not above Abercrombie and Fitch, hits it off with any ones in-laws, great journal writer, speaks his mind, misses his wife and kids when he goes to work, writes poems, feels your pain, hard to understand at times, keeps up with what's going on in the world, fights for people's civil liberties, judges not, likes to read the paper, loyal friend, likes to take pictures, dreams a lot, thinks up poems while he runs, likes Davis High School Cross Country ...the list goes on and on.


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